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From AI app for doctors to self-diagnosis tool for patients

Ada had an AI-powered diagnosis engine that supported doctors. We helped to turn it into a trusted product for patients

In Britain, the average GP visit is nine minutes and 22 seconds. Much of that time is spent answering basic questions. What if patients could spend unhurried time answering those questions in an app, with an AI system that can triage conditions and offer advice?

This was a fascinating psychological puzzle. How can you create a digital experience that evokes trust? We needed patients to share their most intimate personal details. How could an app deliver the sense of empathy that consumers would expect in this context?

To understand the real-life habits of patients we worked with psychologists doing research across different cultures. We used this to prototype and build a conversational interface that was intuitive, efficient but above all, trusted.

Magnetic Business Director Lucy Willett says: “Ada was an exciting project that had it all: human-centred design, business model innovation and creation of a new brand. Most of all it’s done what we like to do best – drive meaningful change – in this case by improving people’s ability to understand and assess symptoms at a time where healthcare is crying out for better patient experiences.”


The impact

A trusted self-diagnosis tool for everyone

countries' most downloaded health app
Cannes Lion innovation award
assessments in 3 years

Lucy Willett, Executive Director

Contact Lucy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how we can help you answer big questions and design a better future for your business, your people and the planet.

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