Magnetic Thought Report - Digital strategy

Moving from what’s possible to what’s optimal

This is the first chapter of the Thought Report: Unlocking Digital Dexterity. Download full the PDF here.

In order for an organisation to be digitally dexterous, the tools, tech and processes need to be carefully balanced with a culture and mindset that unlocks the potential that digital has to offer.

That’s digital dexterity: the foundation of all successful digital strategies. It represents the collective readiness and competency of an organisation to embrace and thrive with digital — not just those who are digitally savvy.

Only 16% of all leaders and 9% of employees are said to have ‘high’ digital dexterity.

The business case is clear. Digitally skilled workers gain on average an extra 35 minutes daily, and 76% of leaders believe that digital skills improve their bottom line.

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