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  • Magnetic is now a B Corp

    It’s official. Magnetic is now a B-Corp. We’re proud that we’re the biggest independent innovation company to attain B-Corp status.

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  • Press Release: Magnetic becomes B Corp

    Magnetic, the UK’s leading independent innovation company has been awarded B-corp status after demonstrating a commitment to design a better world and embrace diversity to bring responsible new products and services to market. 

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  • Think big, start small, start now

    The ability to share compelling and engaging stories is probably the most under-utilised business skill. At a time when things around us are dramatically changing fast, business leaders are in a prime position to lead the charge and help people navigate change.

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  • Moving from what’s possible to what’s optimal

    Harnessing the power of digital is key to every successful business. Digital Dexterity is the essential foundation for success in any digital strategy. Here’s part 1 of Magnetic’s Thought Leadership piece on the topic.

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  • The first rule of pricing is: you do not talk about pricing

    Tom Whitwell is obsessed with pricing strategy. As Ex-Digital Editor at The Times, he was part of the team that introduced the paywall.

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  • Digital transformation never ends. The world keeps changing.

    In our most recent Exchange, leaders from the business community unpacked what digital dexterity means to them; the drivers, enablers and watch-outs. Here are some of the conversation highlights.

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  • Building a better workplace: Magnetic Circle

    In this month’s edition of Magnetic Circle: our crowd-sourced blog, we’re talking about the future of work post-pandemic and how leaders and businesses are balancing their approach to meet the needs of their customers with the quality of life of their people.

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  • How we launched Vogue Business

    Magnetic helped launch Vogue Business, the new global business service from Condé Nast International. Ciara Byrne, ex-Director of Business Development, talks about building a culture of innovation inside a complex, fast-moving organisation.

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  • The top UX and UI design trends in 2023

    2023 will continue to see digital products evolve in exciting ways, powered by increasingly more intelligent technology. As designers, we must build these products responsibly and ethically to ensure they are in service of a better future, for everyone.

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