Patrizia futures program


Introducing a culture of innovation

Putting design thinking at the heart of a European investment management business to help support their international growth ambitions.

PATRIZIA is an investment management company. It wanted to evolve from a pan-European into a global organisation. This meant integrating different business models, mindsets and cultures.

We wanted to create a programme that would nurture emerging talent, develop leaders in design thinking in the business, and create a shared definition of what good leadership looks like to aid this transition.

Our 3-phase approach began with a deep-dive into the needs and challenges of the business, and designing a bespoke programme to best tackle them. Phase 2 saw buy in from the senior leadership team and the delivery of our programme to the first emerging talent cohort. Finally, we measured and reviewed the success of the first cohort to build a repeatable model. This is less a one-off training programme, more the start of a new way of working.

Our impact

30 Senior leaders joined the programme
9 The number of countries the programme took place in
Natalia Walters

Natalia Walters, Business Director

“PATRIZIA has identified the capability and the skill to innovate as a key strength for their future leaders. More than ever, changing customer needs require the business to innovate fast and efficiently. Over 3 sprints, this project allowed us to train 30 high potentials in innovation, service and product design. With a highly practical approach the participants were tasked to solve 5 critical challenges for the business by using design thinking and lean methodologies. With this approach, the delegates were able to implement new ways of working and thinking right away.”

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