An award-winning menopause support app shaped by a user-centred approach from concept to launch.

Menopause impacts 50% of the world's population yet it's still a severely underserved area of healthcare. balance is a menopause support app designed to empower.

During research we found that the majority of the people we spoke to were unaware of perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms when they first experienced them.

We were able to take an incredibly user-focussed approach with the help of hundreds of fantastic people who were engaged throughout the process to ensure the app was designed around those who’ll be using it.

We found ourselves sharing some really raw and emotional moments with our participants and this was when we really felt the impact that our work could have on so many people across the world.

Working closely with leading menopause practitioners we created an app designed to empower. balance provides its users with access to free expert menopause content, a journal to track everything from symptoms to sleep patterns, a place to review treatments, and a safe space to share stories.

Our impact

An award-winning menopause support app shaped by a user-centred approach from concept to launch.

80,000+ Sign-ups in 8 months
150+ Countries reached
1,000+ User tests
Natalia Walters

Natalia Walters, Business Director

balance was a great opportunity for us to design and deliver a product that had been inspired, informed and designed by the audience using it from day one. Our user group really valued having the chance to be involved in shaping exactly what the product looked like and how it worked, allowing us to create a solution that elegantly solved their problems. It was rewarding to see so many people find the help and support they needed to take control of their bodies and their health.”

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