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Research Masterclass: Taster Session

Research Masterclass: Taster Session

A free one-hour taster for our Research Masterclass. Learn how to conduct effective customer research

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Our stories

  • Magnetic is now a B Corp

    It’s official. Magnetic is now a B-Corp. We’re proud that we’re the biggest independent innovation company to attain B-Corp status.

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  • Press Release: Magnetic becomes B Corp

    Magnetic, the UK’s leading independent innovation company has been awarded B-corp status after demonstrating a commitment to design a better world and embrace diversity to bring responsible new products and services to market. 

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  • Think big, start small, start now

    The ability to share compelling and engaging stories is probably the most under-utilised business skill. At a time when things around us are dramatically changing fast, business leaders are in a prime position to lead the charge and help people navigate change.

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Purpose: Built

Our seventh book is about making change happen and designing a brighter, better future for your business, teams, customers and wider society, even when we’re in the middle of multiple huge challenges. It will help you think big, do work that you care about and have a positive impact – knowing that it can start small, and giving you ideas for where to start.

You can use challenges as a catalyst and seize the opportunities for change and growth, or stand still and get swept away in the storm.

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