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Magnetic receives Financial Times award

Magnetic receives Financial Times award

We’re really chuffed to have been nominated as one of the Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants for 2020.

The FT wouldn’t tell us which of our clients nominated us, so we decided to chat to a few of them to find out why they felt we’d made the list.

We were humbled to discover six simple reasons, outlined below:

1. We help people think differently.

We’re a diverse bunch of misfits and bring cognitive thinking to business problems.

“You don’t look like consultants, you’re very colourful.” One of our clients in the UAE.

2. We help businesses go faster.

We do customer-centered product and service design at such pace that we transform the way people work.

“Through doing rather than talking, Magnetic have demonstrated the power of rapid sprint experimentation and, in doing so, have given us the conviction that this is the only way forward for us to create the best experience of the brand. Not a bad legacy in the space of eight weeks.” President, one of the world’s most famous chocolate brands.

3. We help people get comfortable with uncertainty.

We de-risk innovation; helping people take small steps towards an ambitious vision.

“The way that Magnetic experiments has made me comfortable with uncertainty. It’s ok not to have all the answers straight away.” Associate, one of the world’s leading engineering firms.

4. We work with you. Our clients are the experts.

We don’t profess to have all the answers and always work shoulder to shoulder with our clients.

“There’s a willingness to learn from both sides of the equation. Magnetic do what’s necessary to do the job, rather than try and fit a new situation into a pre-existing box. You don’t twist the job like a pretzel into something you feel Magnetic can do.” Principal Impact Assessment Engineer, a London Borough Council.

5. We help businesses take bold steps.

We use experiments to test ideas and help our clients be brave.

“Stellar stuff. Magnetic’s hard work over the past 4 weeks has been genuinely transformative.” MD, the UK’s fastest growing mobile phone network.

6. We inspire individuals.

We build capability and the right culture as we go ensuring what we create is sustainable well into the future.

“Every day Magnetic challenged my perceptions on the right way to do things. And it has helped me formulate a better understanding of agile behaviour, design-thinking and leadership in general.” Chief Customer Officer, one of UK’s leading insurers

Thanks again to the Financial Times, and the brilliant people we work with. We really are quite proud.

Written by Magnetic.
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