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New Board for magnetic: CEO Jenny Burns, CCO Lou Cordwell MBE, CFO Richard Poole

New Board for magnetic: CEO Jenny Burns, CCO Lou Cordwell MBE, CFO Richard Poole

Leading innovation and design powerhouse, Magnetic evolve to support rapid growth and meet accelerating demand for combined services. The new Board advocates a necessary shift for women in leadership, with Jenny Burns as the new Chief Executive Officer and Lou Cordwell OBE as Chief Creative Officer, and Magnetic put meaningful impact at the heart of their growth agenda. With locations in both London and Manchester, the organisation embraces truly hybrid working; prioritising outcomes over hours.

Since the merger earlier in the year we’ve experienced an exponential increase in demand for our combined services. With clients including Mars Wrigley, Bupa and The Big Issue, our independent design and innovation powerhouse is supporting bold business leaders to take advantage of dynamic markets, shifting customer needs, and opportunities presented by COVID-19.

To continue to meet the needs of our clients and effectively grow at pace, today we’ve announced an evolution of our leadership, including a new Board structure that will continue to foster a thriving team, maintain outstanding delivery and put meaningful impact at the heart of our agenda.

“The pandemic brought the structural inequalities in our society to the forefront, so championing a different version of success — where brilliant design and innovation considers people and planet — is central to our mission.” says Lou Cordwell, OBE. “When less than 30% of C-suite positions in FTSE 300 companies are women, I’m proud that our new Board is designed to advocate a necessary shift for diversity in leadership.”

Fluxx’s current Executive Partner, Jenny Burns will be appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer, whilst Lou Cordwell OBE, Founder of mN, will assume the role of Chief Creative Officer and Richard Poole, Founding Partner of Fluxx, will become the Chief Financial Officer.

“We’ve helped hundreds of organisations unlock their potential. This has been driven by people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives who bring their unique skills and experience to every project. That’s what makes our culture so special.” says Richard Poole. “Jenny is brilliant at building teams and unlocking potential, honing an individual’s superpower and translating that into delivering excellence for our clients. She’s the natural choice for leading the next chapter of our company’s growth.”

In addition to these new Board positions, our new Leadership Team will be mobilised with women holding five of the nine positions. The team has been created through a combination of internal promotions and new roles; including the BBC’s David Bailey who joins us as Executive Creative Director in September. We’ll continue to embrace hybrid working with offices in both London and Manchester and since May 2021 the team has grown by over 30%, with plans to recruit a further 20 innovation consultants and creatives in the next six to twelve months.

“We’re already maximising the opportunities hybrid working presents. We prioritise outcomes over hours and embrace flexibility; reimagining how, where and when work gets done. Creating a thriving work environment, where we support our people and acknowledge the importance of well-being, means we can service our clients at our best, and consistently deliver amazing results. We’re very excited for the next chapter,” says Jenny Burns.

Written by Magnetic.
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