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Our books

Every year we write a book about design and innovation. It’s a small book with, we think, a big impact. Lots of people tell us they keep theirs handy and dip into it often for inspiration – which is exactly what we’d hoped.

Our 2024 book
Our eighth publication is about how positive disruptors are changing business forever

Purpose: Built

Designing a stronger business and a better future in an uncertain world

Now for the tricky bit

Our 2021 book is about looking forward, building stronger, happier businesses with purpose, and asking what good looks like post-pandemic.

Now what do we do?

2020 has been a year of turbulence but also a catalyst for innovation. Entire industries have had to respond quickly to a radical new world.

What we get wrong about people

When we release people’s collective playful power, we make things that work better for everyone (2019)

The plan sucks

...not because it’s a bad plan but because it implies we can predict the future. Successful transformation starts differently. (2018)

Whatever happens, we don’t want people to write to the Daily Mail

How to break through the fear of getting something wrong. (2017)
Future Forces 2035
Four drivers of change that will shape the future.
A World of Possibilities
Five big trends we can’t ignore for 2024.

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